Business Advisory Services

Business can be tough. Especially when you feel as though you’re doing it on your own. Our advisory services are designed to help whether you’re a start-up, planning an exit, focusing on expansion or preparing your accounts.

Who we’re a good fit for

You’re a forward-thinking business who wants to use technology to grow and to improve what you do. You’re ambitious, curious and tech-savvy, and you’re always looking for new ways to bring your purpose to life and streamline what you do.


Start with Why

To help us provide you with the most value, we always start with why. We’ll take the time to deeply understand your business and why you do what you do. We’ll then focus on your goals, mapping out what you want to achieve, and how we can help you achieve it.

Software Setup

We’ll help you choose the best software for your business, then set it up and show you how it works. All of which we’ll do in plain English, jargon-free, so you’ll understand exactly what’s going on!  There are so many benefits to cloud accounting software! It saves you time. It lets you access real-time data. It will streamline your business.


We envision a world where people understand their accounts, where numbers aren’t something to be afraid of and where people are confident about their business finances. A world where visiting your accountant is a pleasant experience! It’s our job to educate you, and help you with the numbers, without trying to turn you into an accountant!


Accounting, tax, GST and payroll are the foundations of any good business. If these aren’t done well, it’s like building a house on sand. These things need to be done, and done well, so we can help you build the business of your dreams.


Once we’ve got a handle on the numbers, we can help you to grow with forecasting, fundraising, cash flow and business strategy. With this ongoing maintenance, we’ll help you transform your business into a beautiful, fully functional and well-designed organisation. We do this with a really strong foundation of bookkeeping, cash flow and accounting, and a firm knowledge of the numbers. To keep things running smoothly, we’ll regularly check in with you during our quarterly review sessions, working together to help you get to where you want to be.

After something that will be tailored to suit you?

We’re ready to help anyone we can, from start-up through to an established business. Let’s talk by filling out the form below or by calling 07 3367 3366.

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